Necktags provide an opportunity for suppliers to give information of value to the customer, such as tasting notes, recipe information, or serving suggestion.


$5.00 per case

*No charge fee for charitable donation necktags

P.O.P. Specifications And Shipping

Suppliers are responsible for the production of necktags. Necktags must not interfere with any adjacent products (i.e. oversized).

There are no size specifications for necktags, but the applicable Category or Product Manager must approve all necktags.

Necktags may be applied to the product by the supplier prior to shipping or by sales representatives in store.

NEW A SKU may participate in the NeckTag program for consecutive turns.

Neck Hangers

Neck hangers that are traditionally associated with the product (i.e. the scroll on Fazi-Battaglia Verdicchio) are not considered to be necktags and are not included in the necktag policy. The appropriate Category or Product Manager must approve all neck hangers.

Necktag Policy

Approval will only be considered if the necktags support one or more of the following:

-    Provides product knowledge

-    Provides tasting notes

-    Includes a food or beverage recipe

-    Value Added Promotion

-    Fundraising for a charity (with donation no fee will be charged)

-    On-Shelf Contest

-    Recent awards won 


It is the supplier's responsibility to distribute and apply the necktags in LCBO stores.

The Value-Add Program offers customers something extra when they purchase a featured product in LCBO stores. This program is well received. and generates a great deal of excitement with both customers and store employees