Summer Summary 


PERIOD 3 May 21 - June 17
PERIOD 4 June 18 - July 15

Seasonal Themes

Summer is the most highly anticipated season in Ontario. We all look forward to longer days in the sun, long weekends, patios, backyards, the great outdoors, and to memorable moments with family and friends. From special moments like weddings and graduations to every-day moments like making the most of BBQ season, the LCBO is here to help you celebrate Summer. With the best selection of refreshment options and thoughtful gifts, all available in one-stop or one-click – we help customers create unforgettable summer memories.

In P3, we’ll kick-off the season by introducing customers to our exciting selection of new summer refreshers that they can enjoy all season long. In P4, we’ll shine a light on our homegrown talent and help customers discover local and Canadian made products.

Lead Categories:
local wines, craft beers, Canadian spirits, locally made RTD


Occasions & Observances

  Core Sales Occasions Core Gifting Occasions Diversity, Inclusion,
 Belonging & Equity
 (DIBE) & Support 
 P3 CFL Season begins Lead up to Father’s Day National Indigenous History Month
 National Indigenous People’s History
 Day (June 21)
 P4  Canada Day (Saturday, July 1) Father’s Day (June 18)
 Wedding Season
 St. Jean Baptiste Day (June 24)
  Spirit of
 Focus &

 Food & Drink
 P3 Pride Campaign +
 Good Partner Feature

 Pride Fundraising /   Collective Group of   Charities Fundraising   Campaign
 Celebrate Dad
 One-Day Online
 Double Points Event:
 Victoria Day
 (May 22)


 P4  Lab Integration
 Celebrate Summer   Promotion
  Summer Release
 (June 28)



Summer Gifting Program (Gift Cards and Gift Packaging)


 Period 3Period 4
 Feature Fixture A Summer Whites Summer Whites
 Feature Fixture B (New & Seasonal) Seasonal Rosé Wines Seasonal Rosé Wines
 Cocktail of the Month (EA 1) White Spirits - Rum Canadian Whisky
 Entrance Table Spirits Spirits
 Mini Thematic A Brown Spirits for
 Father’s Day
 Tequila Gifts for Summer
 Mini Thematic B

 Give the Gift of Vintages
 (Father’s Day)

 Canada Day Celebrations
 Front Nesting Table

 Flight A: Pride (Multi Brand)

 Flight B: Spirits Seasonal

 Flight A: Pride (Multi Brand)

 Flight B: Spirits Seasonal

 Middle Nesting Table French Rosés Rosé All Play
 Beer Block Pile (A) Beer Beer
 RTD Block Pile (B) RTD RTD
 Loyalty Block Pile (C) Spirits/Wines Spirits/Wines
 Mini Thematic C (EA 10) Local Beer for Summer Local Cider
 Block Pile D Activation Area Spirits Spirits
 Beer Excitement Zone A Beer Beer
 Beer Excitement Zone D Beer RTD
 Beer Excitement Zone C Beer RTD
 Spirits Cold Room
 Spirits Spirits
 Spirited Picks



 Front End Merchandiser 1 Spirits Spirits
 Front End Merchandiser 2 Impulse Wines Impulse Wines
 Front End Merchandiser 3 Spirits


 BCRTD Impulse Risers (1-4) RTD RTD
 Pop Up Shops Father’s Day or Pride BCRTD Summer
 (Innovations and/or
 Enhanced Occasions Package
 Father’s Day Scotch

 BCRTD Summer
 (Innovations and/or


 Period 3Period 4
 End Aisle 1 (COTM) See info above.
 End Aisle 2 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 3 Wines Wines
 End Aisle 4 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 5 Vintages Vintages
 End Aisle 6 Wines Wines
 End Aisle 7 Vintages Vintages
 End Aisle 8 RTD RTD
 End Aisle 9 Beer Beer
 End Aisle 10 (MT C) Beer Beer
 End Aisle 11 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 12 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 13 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 14 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 15 Wines Wines
 End Aisle 16 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 17 White Spirits White Spirits
 End Aisle 18



 End Aisle 19 Brown Spirits Brown Spirits
 End Aisle 20 Beer Beer
 Vintages End Aisle (EA VL1)  Vintages Essentials on
 offer (LTO/BAP)
 Vintages Essentials on
 offer (LTO/BAP)
 Discovery End Aisle (EA W5) Kosher Greece

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Seasonal Overview: Summer - FY 23/24

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