At the LCBO, sustainability is more than a buzzword. It’s a commitment that will benefit everyone from the lives of our customers and communities, to the health of the planet. We want customers to feel confident that the LCBO is pushing the industry in a positive direction.

Spirit of Sustainability’s efforts focus on three strategic pillars:

  • Good People: focuses on improving the wellbeing of our customers, employees, and communities.
  • Good Planet: advances practices that minimize the environmental impacts our business creates.
  • Good Partnerships: aims to catalyze positive change within our industry.


What does this mean for you?

We believe that with our trusted partners, we can catalyze positive change in the alcohol industry. Good Partnerships will be brought to life through our commitments to influence industry standards, recognize the work of our Good Partners and enhance industry diversity.


Influence industry standards

As one of the largest providers of beverage alcohol, we are uniquely positioned to empower our partners and stakeholders to adopt inclusive social and environmental practices and share knowledge to advance sustainability. We continue to develop and implement sustainability standards that influence all our internal and external business practices. This includes our updated Supplier Code of Business Conduct, which helps us make choices that align with our values and recognizes the importance of working collaboratively with our partners to create a more sustainable Ontario.

Recognize Good Partners

We cannot fulfill our commitments alone, which is why we celebrate and recognize Good Partners, who are already making strides in sustainability. Our commitment to recognize Good Partners acknowledges the fantastic work our Trade partners and suppliers are doing to advance the sustainability of the industry – whether through diversity and inclusion, community investment, or environmental practices. 

Enhance Industry Diversity

The LCBO is committed to enhancing diversity and inclusion within the alcohol industry and creating communities where all individuals have equitable access to opportunity. We will continue to meaningfully integrate diversity & inclusion into the Spirit of Sustainability strategy, demonstrating our accountability while deepening our commitment to drive equitable impact across Ontario.

If you have further questions about Spirit of Sustainability, or how you can be more involved, please reach out to Meg McClean, Sustainability Specialist, at