With the LCBO’s sales objectives and strategic initiatives in mind, we have prepared the annual sales targets for F22-23 for regularly listed products sold in our retail stores.

Key Changes this year:

1. All targets are based on protecting between 90% and 95% of set margin dollars, except for RTD which is set at 70% (due to the need to adequately refresh the assortment annually)

2. Import Vintages Essentials targets remain at the set level. A maximum target of $1M has been established for all sets. There are two changes for European Essentials - Italy White and Sparkling have been split in two groups as follows:

a. Italy White A Essentials (Pinot Grigio) – Italy White B Essentials (All non-Pinot Grigio)

b. Sparkling European Essentials – A (Champagne) - Sparkling European Essentials – B (All Non-Champagne)

3. RTD sales targets may be subject to change (+/-) at the time of the annual category review at the end of Period 5.  As shared previously, the category may apply a growth rate on top of the published targets subject to category performance.

4. New groupings added this year for Cider: A target for large national brands, and two levels of craft cideries:

a. National Brand Cider

b. Domestic Craft Cider (Medium – WWP greater than 4.5M L cider)

c. Domestic Craft Cider (Small – WWP less than 4.5M L cider)

As you know, to ensure that your product(s) remain in good standing at the LCBO, these targets must be met or exceeded. Products will begin to be assessed against these updated targets beginning June 2022. Targets by merchandising group are attached.

Questions regarding targets may be directed to the applicable Category Manager.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership.

  • Abhay Garg
  • Vice President, Merchandising, LCBO

Updated sales target document with highlighted target changes for Spirits:

LCBO F22-23 Merchandising Sales Targets