Claudia Speciale (Acting Product Manager, New World Wines) will be going on maternity leave on December 8th, 2023. With Claudia’s departure, Dana Pencz will be moving from the Ontario Wines team to the New World Wines team as Product Manager, South America and South Africa.  Dana will report to Ann Patel.

We are pleased to announce that Sean Adams will be taking on a special acting assignment as Acting Product Manager, Ontario wines. Sean is currently the Product Advisor for Local products and brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of the Ontario wines portfolio. Sean will continue to report to Aaron Pothier.

To backfill for Sean, Jessica Bannon will be joining the team on November 13th as Acting Product Advisor (Local). Jessica comes from the Customer Care department and brings strong Product knowledge to the role. Prior to her Head Office experience, she worked in Retail as a B Store Manager and was formerly a Product Consultant. Jessica will report to Aaron Pothier.

All updated roles will be effective as of December 1st. Please find the updated contact list for Merchandising here.