Upcoming Changes to Destination Collection Product Ordering Process

The Destination Collection Program has succeeded in its goal of bringing increased product selection to Ontario consumers while at the same time offering additional sales opportunities to our trade partners. Thanks to the enthusiasm and interest shown by those participating in the program, the Destination Collection store network has grown to include 17 store locations and our unique online selection has expanded to over 2,000 brands. To continue to grow the program, we are implementing process changes to better organize, evaluate and flow new product opportunities into the market.   To provide all products the best sales opportunity possible, we will be strategically timing the releases in accordance with our sales and assortment plan.  

As communicated at Trade Day 2021, the Destination Collection Program will transition into LCBO’s Merchandising system effective August 4, 2021. With this transition, the Elite system will no longer be used to place Purchase Orders. In addition, Seasonal Orders intended for the Destination Collection Program which have been submitted directly into Elite will no longer be approved. All product submissions must be submitted into an appropriate product call in NISS by the specified deadline.

With the movement to LCBO’s Merchandising system, we will begin using a structured & systematic process to evaluate product proposals for the Destination Collection Program. Please refer to the attached FAQ for additional details on the go-forward process.

Summer 2021 Product Calls – submissions accepted starting August 4, 2021

We are pleased to provide you with the Summer 2021 Destination Collection Product Needs Schedule outlining opportunities for purchases and detailing product specifications and deadlines. We will be accepting submissions starting on August 4, 2021.

All submissions must be made through the LCBO’s New Item Submission System (NISS). For new users of NISS, doingbusinesswithlcbo.com offers detailed instructions.

Tips for a Successful Application:

  1. Complete all entry fields accurately and in their entirety, including all varietals fields (if applicable)
  2. Include the LCBO# if the product has previously been released through Vintages, LCBO, or the Destination Collection Program.
    • -        If the product has previously been available through Vintages/LCBO, please indicate the Vintages/LCBO          LCBO# in the ‘LCBO#’ field
    • -        If the product has previously been released through the Destination Collection Program or the     
    •          Consignment/High Volume Consignment Program, please indicate the LCBO# in the ‘Press Coverage /              Other Information’ text box.
  3. Ensure any scores entered relate to the actual vintage being offered
  4. Please ensure you highlight submissions that are organic, low intervention, biodynamic, natural, or orange wines
  5. Please indicate the total number of cases you are making available for sale through the Destination Collection Program in the ‘Forecast Quarter 1’ field
  6. In accordance with LCBO policy, we will continue to purchase products shipping from source locations. It is the agent's responsibility to ensure all products submitted adhere to this policy.


Please remember that the LCBO’s Spirit of Sustainability is an ongoing corporate priority. Special consideration will be given to products that support the pilar of ‘Good Planet’ by minimizing our impact on the environment. This would include products packaged in lightweight glass and/or follow sustainable, biodynamic, or organic agricultural practices that meet CFIA standards.

We appreciate your support as we continue to evolve and grow the Destination Collection Program. If you have any questions, please contact Courtney Dawson at courtney.dawson@lcbo.com or Julie Hauser at julie.hauser@lcbo.com.  

Destination Collection Product Needs Summer 2021

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