As global supply chain challenges are expected continue throughout the year, we are taking proactive steps to align flow of imported goods with promotional ordering as such we are bringing forward our deadlines for Periods 9 through 13 with the goal of ensuring on-time delivery to support these programs. To successfully meet revised ordering deadlines, we have made revisions to the current Promotional Calendar 2022-23 for Periods 9 through 13.

Key Changes (in Red below):

  1. P9 and P10, 2022:  Category deadline for Approvals/Declines is now May 20, 2022 (previous May 27, 2022)
  2. P11 to P13, 2022/2023:  Agent deadline for Promotional Applications is now June 3, 2022 (previous June 10, 2022). Category deadline for approvals/declines is now July 15, 2022 (previous deadline July 29, 2022) 

Please note that due to compressed timelines, the deadline for Agents to submit revised promotional forecasts for approved programs is required immediately after approvals/declines are published for select periods.