As you know, based on the vaccination rate and key public health and heath care indicators, Ontario is moving into step two of the government’s Roadmap to Reopen as of Wednesday, June 30.

As Ontarians looking to safely connect more with others and take part in our communities, this again feels like a very positive step forward. For the retail and beverage alcohol industry, it certainly marks welcomed news.

For LCBO operations, there are a few updates we would like to share with our valued Trade partners:

  1. Our in-store capacities will return to 50%. As this is a limit we had previously operated under, and with added precautions in place, our teams are well equipped to manage in-store traffic at this level, while maintaining all public health and physical distancing guidelines.
  2. At this time, we will keep the latest closing hour at 9:00 p.m. and will reassess further expansion.
  3. We are pleased to be able to offer additional flexibility in Trade visits as follows:
    • A&B stores: Four representatives will be allowed in-store at any one time
    • C&D stores: We are welcoming back Trade visits in our smaller locations, with one representative allowed in store at a time

The following guidance applies to Trade visits in all stores: 

  1. Mandatory health screening, mask use, and physical distancing and all health and safety measures in-store must continue to be strictly adhered to
  2. One representative from one company will be allowed in store at a time
  3. You may continue to book 10-minute meetings directly with Store Managers solely at the discretion of Store Managers as time allows
  4. All conversations will take place on the sales floor and our front-line staff are looking forward to speaking with you as well
  5. Purposes of visits include meeting with the Store Manager if time has been booked, checking on value adds, looking at in-stock position etc.

Thank you for your support as we continue to mirror the provincial easing of restrictions.

Take care,

Rafik Louli
VP, Retail Operations, LCBO