A new Grocery product call has been created in NISS for existing LCBO SKU’s, #3298 Existing Eligible Beer & Cider Products in the Product Need #228 Beer and Cider Grocery Channel - 2021/2022.  This should be used when you want to add a beer or cider product to the Grocery Catalogue which already has an existing, active LCBO SKU number, either for distribution in LCBO Retail or for imported products being sold to the Beer Store.

This will allow us to more efficiently process additions to the catalogue which do not have to go through the listing process.  The call is always open and will be reviewed monthly for new submissions.  Please ensure the product meets eligibility requirements as outlined in Ontario Regulation 232/16 : Sale of Liquor in Government Stores Liquor Control Act, R.S.O. 1990, c.L.18

Direct or TBS delivered products will be added to the catalogue if they meet eligibility requirements.  For LCBO warehouse products, please ensure you provide a total forecast for all channels in your submission, the product will be added to the catalogue once the Inventory team has confirmed there is sufficient stock to meet anticipated demand.

For questions on the new process please contact lcbogroceryoperations@lcbo.com, for questions on existing submissions please contact the Category team.