It has come to our attention that some Trade Reps, in the absence of being able to visit stores, have begun calling and e-mailing
Store Managers to discuss new listings and promotional inventory.  Although we appreciate the enthusiasm and understand the desire to ensure adequate inventory is being brought in to support promotions, we would ask that you refrain from phoning or e-mailing the stores at this time. DDVP suppliers can communicate through the portal and the only exception continues to be direct delivery suppliers who are not on DDVP who can continue to call or e-mail as needed for the stores to place orders.

As you can imagine, our Store Managers and staff are dealing with unprecedented circumstances and we would like to minimize any distractions at this time. Please be assured that we have communicated all important information pertaining to P1 IMAGE and the stores will be ensuring all programs will be executed as they normally would.

We appreciate your cooperation at this time