Calls 3350 Spanish Whites and 3340 Classics Collection / VSO / Online Exclusives cancelled

The previous Spanish White and Classics Collection calls for Vintages were extremely successful and therefore our product needs in this category are currently met into Summer of 2022. We are therefore cancelling Calls 3350 and 3340 from the current Product Needs schedule. There will be a new call for Spanish White in the next Product Call which should put us back on schedule within the buying cycle.  There is another call for Classics Collection / VSO / Online Exclusives in the current needs letter with a pre-submission deadline of Feb 2nd, 2022.

Adding tender 3360 Champagne

We are also adding a tender to the General List Product Needs.

3360 Champagne

Price Band: $39.95 - $89.95 / 750 ml

Pre-Submission Deadline: Nov. 9th

Product Specs: Looking to expand the assortment of Champagne for LCBO General List to meet increasing demand. There will be a focus on large brands with international recognition, substantial marketing budgets and great price/quality ratio. Also looking for brand extensions of current listing in alternative size formats and/or styles.

The remaining details are in the updated schedule.

Apologies for any inconvenience. If you have questions regarding this cancellation, please contact European Wines Senior Category Manager Paul Farrell at

2021-22 Merchandising Needs Grid