Over the last few months, LCBO’s teams have been working to create an improved user experience on LCBO.com with the goal of maintaining a best-in-class eCommerce platform for all visitors. After hearing feedback and some challenges from our valued partners, we are now pleased to share with you today the changes we have made.

Understanding our partners’ concerns with search and inventory functionality helped inform the priority updates on LCBO.com. The enhancements to the product search parameters and new user-friendly functions on our website include: 

•            LCBO store results numbered with the ability to filter results

•            Total inventory units at all stores now displayed

•            New export capabilities to download the list of stores and their inventory

The new updates are now live on LCBO.com and we encourage our partners to visit and explore the improved user experience.

By introducing these website enhancements and providing easier access to product information, we anticipate there will be minimal inconvenience and disruption to our partners’ way of doing business. In the interest of our valued partnership and to ensure we provide ample notice; the Food & Drink website will be decommissioned as of January 31,2021. As the website is non-compliant and does not meet required accessibility guidelines, the content has migrated to the new dedicated landing page on LCBO.com where visitors to Food & Drink website will be redirected.

We hope these improvements tools will meet and exceed your business needs on LCBO.com and we look forward to further collaborating in the new year.

Enhancements to LCBO.com Product Search - January 2021