As specified on the LCBO’s New Item Submission System (NISS), holiday gift pre-submissions are due February 4th, 2022. Note: High resolution photographs will be accepted at the pre-submission stage. Mock-up samples are not required.


Recognizing that newness and uniqueness drives excitement, we will be focusing on gift items that deliver this same level of delight to our customers.  We encourage submissions of traditional gift items with updated and refreshed packaging of existing brands, that include accessories or value adds that expresses a “must-have” message to shoppers.  Please note, in accordance with LCBO policy, we will continue to purchase products shipping from source locations.  It is the agent's responsibility to ensure all products submitted adhere to this policy.  The following criteria (not limited to) will be considered:

  1. Single and specialty bottles that can be given as gifts, featured on home bars, and reflect the Spirit of the Holiday Season (e.g. single bottles with holiday/celebration themed wraps)
  2. New and/or unique products from popular holiday categories that will create excitement and incremental sales opportunities, such as limited edition bottles
  3. Products ideal for stocking stuffers (i.e. 50mL spirits miniatures, 100mL and 375mL existing premium/deluxe wines, 50mL premium trial packs and others that are seasonally relevant)
  4. Value products under $20 will also be considered
  5. Mixed packs and specialty winter-style beers
  6. Seasonally relevant or limited edition Ready-to-Drink products
  7. Interesting and exciting gift packs with pre-packaged value-add offers (i.e. collectable glassware, embossed/branded and re-useable vessels) that play to spirit of gifting and generate a “must-have” impulse
  8. Gifting submissions from large/recognizable brands will be sought after, offering consumers their favourites during the Holidays and increasing the overall success of the Program
  9. E-commerce exclusive offerings (i.e. Advent Calendars, specialty items etc). Should a product be selected for this channel, order quantities may be significantly less.
  10. Import gift packs containing any food items will not be considered for purchase.


  1. Innovative, unique and elegantly packaged products from popular holiday categories and Specialty offerings with mass appeal.
  2. Multiple-bottle gift sets of popular VINTAGES brands from programs like Essentials or Collaboratives
  3. Champagnes and sparkling wines, small and large formats in addition to standard size.
  4. Large formats of customer favourites
  5. Multiple- or single-bottle Icewine gifts
  6. Gifting submissions from large/recognizable brands will be sought after, offering consumers their favourites during the Holidays and increasing the overall success of the Program
  7. Import gift packs containing any food items will not be considered for purchase.

Note: A Product Needs Letter detailing preferences by buyer (Wines, Spirits, Beer & Cider and Vintages) is available on NISS. Please submit Ready-To-Drink gifts under the Beer and Cider Call & any Spirits previously purchased under VINTAGES must be submitted under the Spirits Holiday Gifting Call.

Environmental Considerations:

It is the stated goal of the LCBO to reduce the amount of packaging material in the products we sell. The LCBO encourages suppliers to support appropriate environmental protection practices. Product submissions that use less material and/or, reusable packaging plus achieve other environmental objectives will be given strong consideration as part of the selection process. We also recommend the use of recycling symbols and messages on packaging where appropriate.


Each 2022 Holiday Gift Submission must include:

1. A NISS application with a high resolution photograph of the submission – must be uploaded in NISS

NOTE: Paperwork and mock up physical samples are not required at this stage

If accepted to proceed:

A finalized photography sample must be received by March 4th, 2022.  The NISS Paperwork must be submitted with the sample

2. A copy of the Pricing Calculator must be uploaded in NISS and a hard copy must accompany the submitted paperwork.

3. A complete application. This includes:

  • ·       An online application through NISS.
  • ·       A product and gift-pack selling description.
  • ·       A high resolution image of the gift.
  • ·       An FOB or Ex-cellars quote on supplier letterhead, with the liquid and packaging components broken down (in the same currency).
  • ·       A copy of the Pricing Calculator outlining the pricing breakdown with the physical paperwork.
  • The above MUST be submitted with each NEW and/or REPEATED submission.
  • ·        New items are products that were not part of the 2021 Gift Program or, were part of the 2021 Gift  Program and include significant changes to the 2022 submission (i.e. different pack size, gift contents, packaging, etc.). These submissions will be assigned a new LCBO number, if purchased for 2022.
  • ·       Repeated items are products that were part of the 2021 Gift Program and have no changes to the 2022 submission.


  1. Multi-pack gift items – multipack product Consumer Selling Units must comply with all Canadian Labelling Regulation requirements.  See:  Food labelling for industry - Canadian Food Inspection Agency (
  2. Deposit Return: For gift packs containing units of different container sizes, please ensure your application and pricing requests identifies the product and its corresponding size format.
  3. Case Carton Restriction: All gift items are subject to the case-carton dimension maximum (L: 54.0cm W: 40.6cm H: 51.0cm) and the maximum case weight restriction of 18.9kg.
  4. Gift pack selling units must contain the appropriate allergen declarations.
  5. Packaging components exceeding 40% of the final quote will not be considered. Indicated cost of packaging components must reflect the actual cost of packaging.
  6. Gift pricing calculators are currently available on the Doing Business with LCBO website
  7. For e-commerce consideration, bottles & accompanying accessories must be securely fastened within their packaging, with no more than 1 [front] window.  


  1. If the beverage alcohol component in the gift pack is currently sold at the LCBO, the quote for the alcohol component in the gift pack must match that of the regular item.
  2. Exchange rates used to calculate the retail price will be LCBO fiscal Period 11, 2022.
  3. If the beverage alcohol product is from an existing supplier, the supplier freight rate will be applied to the mark-up of the gift pack.
  4. If the product is from a new supplier, a standard freight rate will be applied.
  5. Confirmation of exact shipping point/pick-up location.


Late shipments have a detrimental impact on the sales performance of this program and the customer experience at such an important time of year. It is imperative that Holiday Gifting orders are shipped on-time, as outlined on the purchase order. Late, cancelled and short-shipped purchase orders will be subject to a penalty fee outlined in the Notice to Purchase (NTP). Gifts cancelled after the NTP has been issued are subject to a one-time $5,000 administration fee. Late shipments are subject to an administration fee of $1,000 per week (or part of) for every purchase order until the full shipment is received in the intended LCBO warehouse.  Short shipments may be subject to a $1,000 administration fee.

Program Fees:

Please note: All Holiday Gift items purchased are subject to a marketing/merchandising administrative fee of 3% with a minimum of $1,500 and a maximum of $3,500.  Online exclusive gifts will be subject to a minimum fee of $500. The percentage will be based on the case cost multiplied by the number of cases received. The fee contributes to the production costs of any in-store and/or online communication materials used to promote the gifts.

All Holiday Gift item purchases are also subject to the terms and conditions outlined in the Notice to Purchase Letter, including, but not limited to, label and case-carton compliance, sell-through targets and shipping deadlines.


If you are interested in having your eligible holiday gift pack available to grocery channels, please be aware of the following:

  1. Check the “yes” box to grocery in NISS when you make your initial submission.  Product parameters for grocery can be found at Ontario Regulation 232/16
  2. All gift packs must be made available to all grocers or none.  No exclusivity to a single grocer is allowed.
  3. A written commitment/forecast from the grocery retail is required before additional inventory will be purchased to support this channel.  Without written confirmation, gift packs will not appear on the grocery product catalogue and the inventory will not be purchased.
  4. As always, unsold inventory will be subject to a rebate.  For wine products only, there is a grocery floor price that can be found at Ontario Regulation 232/16  If the retail price of the wine gift pack will fall below the grocery floor once the rebate is applied, it will not be available for the grocery channel.
  5. Gift packs in grocery cannot be broken down after Christmas. They must be sold as gift packs.

Questions may be directed to the appropriate LCBO Product or Category Manager. We look forward to working together to provide our customers with a dynamic and exciting 2022 Holiday Gift Portfolio.