We are excited to share an extended opportunity to participate in LCBO’s external advertising initiatives for the upcoming Holiday season:


We know that value continues to be of great importance to many customers this year, especially going into the holiday season. This is an opportunity to bring strong visibility to compelling Aeroplan and LTO offers. This campaign will leverage Meta (Facebook) – a proven media partner - to drive customer conversion on our best deals. The campaign will target an engaged LCBO audience (estimated 2.3 million impressions per period), reaching 40% of 19+ Meta users in Ontario. Products must have a strong LTO or Aeroplan Offers, and products (or offers) should be exclusive to the LCBO.

Cost to participate: $2,000/SKU

How to apply: This is an MPTS Applied Promotional Program (MPTS Code = FSI - FEATURE A). Please apply through MPTS directly before 5PM, Friday April 7.


The Holiday campaign marks another prime season to engage consumers and drive sales of incredible holiday gifts from the LCBO. We are pleased to offer a new opportunity to promote discovery of Holiday gift sets and year-round gift-worthy SKUs.

What we are looking for:

  1. New, unique and best-selling gift sets from previous years complimented by an assortment of gift-worthy year-round skus.
  2. We are looking to sell 10 SKUs into each of the following gifting themes for a total of 60 SKUs.
  3. For the Whisky Lover
  4. Luxe $100+
  5. Gifts Under $25
  6. Gifts Under $40
  7. Gifts Under $75
  8. Gifts for the Home Bartender (spirits)

Please review the attached PDF for additional details and what’s included with this promotional opportunity.

Cost to participate: $10,000/SKU

How to apply: This is an Excel Applied Promotional Program. Please apply by completing the Excel Application Form available for download below and sending it to promoapplications@lcbo.com before 5PM, Friday April 7.

Note approvals and declines for these opportunities will be sent out with all P9/10 Promotion Application approve/decline notices on April 28.

Promotional Overview

Promotional Opportunities Excel Application