Earlier this morning, LCBO issued a statement acknowledging the first strike in the history of our organization. As such, are activating the contingency plans we’ve put in place to continue to service our retail and wholesale customers.  

Our priority is to ensure the best possible continued service. That said, it is not business as usual.  

Last week, we shared information on changes to our regular operations that our trade partners, suppliers, and agents would need to know in the event of a strike. Now, with a strike underway, we remind you that: 

- We are not accepting samples at LCBO Head Office or sharing sample results. We will resume sample submissions and sharing results as soon as possible.   

- In-store tastings and all merchandising promotions are on hold, with the exception of current LTOs and Aeroplan Points which will continue as scheduled online for the duration of the LCBO period. We will connect with all partners who have an impacted promotion as needed at the end of the strike.  

- LCBO retail locations are now closed. When limited LCBO retail stores open on July 19, in-store visits remain on pause until the end of the strike.   

- NISS and MPTS application processing is now paused for the duration of the strike and submission deadlines will be reevaluated given the circumstances.   

LCBO management’s efforts will be redirected to supporting the business at this challenging time. Correspondence with your usual LCBO contacts may be limited.   

We did not want a strike at LCBO, and we regret the disruption and inconvenience this will cause. Thank you for your patience and understanding.   

While we can’t predict how long the strike will last, we will keep you informed via our website and social media channels. Information regarding the status of negotiations between LCBO and OPSEU will continue to be posted to LCBONegotiations.com. Our Customer Care team is here to help with any questions or concerns.  

Thank you.