The annual Ready-to-Drink seasonal performance review starts next week  following the close of Period 5.  This evaluation will proceed over several weeks and all decisions related to new products and product discontinuation will be communicated by September 9th.

As we communicated at the last LCBO Trade Day, the product target thresholds for both new and existing Ready-to-Drink SKUs will be adjusted accordingly based on overall RTD sales trend.  The actual adjustment rate will be communicated as part of the trade communication in September.  Please contact Lesley Morgan,  Senior Category Manager for Ready to Drink, should you have any questions.  Please note, however, that no specific product status questions can be addressed until the category review is complete in early September. 

Thank you for your continued support of the Ready to Drink business.

  • Chris Robertson
  • Senior Director, Beer, Cider & Ready-to-Drink