As you plan for P3 and P4 remember the great Aeroplan opportunities we will have in market!

P3: Aeroplan Celebrates Dad with a contest to win one of two pairs of Air Canada flight tickets.

  1. Entry into the contest is through the purchase of products on bonus either online or in-stores
  2. What a great way to tie your product to these fantastic prizes and have customers say, “I won this fantastic trip because I bought this great product!”
  3. Plus customers will be eager to gain entry into the contest and will chose to put products with bonus offers in their baskets!

P4: Celebrating Summer with More bonus points

  1. LCBO is supporting your Bonus offers with more points!
  2. Customers who buy 2 or more bonus products in one transaction will get 2x bonus points – so twice as much value for the customers encouraging them to add more bonus products to their baskets
  3. Plus this makes your investment in bonus points work even harder for you

Two great opportunities to drive greater sales with Aeroplan bonus offers! As a reminder, no additional action is required from Trade Partners to buy into this calendar of events other than to have a product on bonus point offers in that period.


Our annual summer campaign is our biggest advertising investment of the year! We are pleased to offer an extensive integrated advertising opportunity to promote discovery of our hottest new summer releases. Our media plan will build on the success and learnings from our previous year’s campaign to drive awareness, engagement and purchase intent of all featured products; and will reinforce LCBO as the go-to destination for summer refreshment in Ontario. Please apply by completing the Excel Application for before the deadline. More details can be found in the Promotional Opportunities document.


LCBO is pleased to offer suppliers a paid product placement opportunity that connects customers with high buying intent to sponsored product. This placement will involve boosting product to page 1 of high value sub-categories. Think Google page ranks – if you’re not on page 1, you’re chances of being seen significantly declines.

Generally, these top sub-category pages convert 2x more customers when compared to the overall site conversion metric. This is true across all e-commerce fulfillment methods (Same Day Pickup and Home Delivery).

A/B testing was conducted to see if boosting a SKUs to the first page of their sub-category would have a positive impact on product description page views and units sold. After the test period had ended, the results showed that a product being on page 1 had a significant positive impact:

  1. Spirits: 7x more PDP (Product Detail Page) views (avg)
  2. Wines: 9x more PDP views (avg)
  3. Beer: 4x more PDP views (avg)
  4. Coolers: 4x more PDP views (avg)
  5. Units sold: 2x more – based on units sold through the sub-category pages

Overall, this paid placement opportunity gives suppliers an amazing chance to increase product visibility and units sold.

Additional details on all opportunities can be found in the document and application forms linked at the bottom of this page: