Based on the success of our Same-Day Pickup service at select locations, which allows customers to order on and pick it up at an express counter, we are pleased to share two enhancements which will take place over the coming weeks:

  1. We are expanding the program from 202 stores to 372 stores (an additional 170 stores).
  2. We are committing to have orders ready within two hours* (previously three hours).

During the pandemic, the SDPU program saw significant growth as customers sought more convenient and safe ways to shop. SDPU and ecommerce are a key priority in LCBO’s strategy, as we continue to provide the convenience and choice our customers have come to expect from the LCBO.

SPDU drives incremental sales to the retail channel, and SDPU customers spend almost double than non-SDPU shoppers, as well as purchase more Vintages New Releases.

In determining which stores to include in the expansion, we considered factors to maximize SDPU access across the province, relieve pressure from the busiest SDPU stores, and provide the service in urban markets such as Ottawa, Hamilton and Toronto.

The expansion will be launched in four phases, with the first phase starting on July 19, 2022.

As part of the Same-Day Pickup expansion promotion, from now until September 10, 2022, customers can earn 50 bonus Aeroplan points on every Same-Day Pickup order.

*If the product is in stock. Additional terms and conditions may apply.