As per the Canada Organic Regime import requirements from CFIA, anyone who imports organic products must follow organic labelling requirements and must be able to present a valid organic certificate when requested at any time, including at the time of import. To fulfill this requirement, LCBO requires a valid organic certificate that meets the Canadian Organic Standard (which includes equivalency arrangements between Canada and some foreign countries) for every organic product.

To support our trade partners in meeting this requirement, the LCBO has created a Simplified Organic Labelling and Certificate Guideline.   This document captures the key elements and claims required on a label of an organic product, as well as the elements that must be present on a valid organic certificate.  This simplified, pictorial summary of the requirements is intended to aid suppliers confirm their labels and certificates against the principal set of requirements prior to import. This document may also be used as a supplement to the existing Simplified Labelling guidelines that are available for wine, beer, spirits, and unstandardized products.

In preparing this guideline, some details pertaining to the full requirements and some aspects may have been omitted. LCBO strongly urges suppliers to review the CFIA guidance for organic claims on food labels. Suppliers are reminded that they are responsible for ensuring that all products supplied to LCBO comply with all applicable laws, including the Food and Drug Regulations and the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations.

Inquiries about the Simplified Organic Labelling and Certificate Guideline document may be directed to the LCBO's Quality Assurance department at or (416) 864-6724.