At the LCBO, we are proud to provide Ontarians with a broad selection of internationally and locally sourced beverage alcohol products that meet federal and provincial regulatory requirements for quality and food safety.

In an environment of expanding sales channels, an evolving product portfolio, and economic and supply chain conditions, quality assurance programs ensure all products offered for sale from the LCBO are authentic, safe to consume and compliant with all regulatory and LCBO standards for composition, packaging and labelling. Adherence to the LCBO packaging and shipping standards ensures product integrity in an expanding, complex supply chain, and protects the health and safety of our teams and customers.

Over the past five years, our Quality Services Department has continuously enhanced services while maintaining the same fees and penalties. As you can appreciate, we face the same inflationary pressures that affect all industries, and we continue to adapt to to support the evolving LCBO business. In order to maintain our high standards and to continue enhancing our services, we will adjust our service fee schedule effective April 1, 2023, as follows Quality services fees:

  1. Increases in fees for the reworking of noncompliant pallets
  2. Updated fees for corrective actions required for packaging and product label corrections

New penalties will be initiated for:

  1. Non-compliance pending suppliers’ actions to achieve and ship compliant product purchase orders
  2. Escalating penalties for ongoing non-compliant shipping

Please see the updated Quality Assurance Fee Schedule here

If you have any questions concerning the new fees or penalties, please contact us at LCBO Quality Assurance at or (416) 864-6724.