Call 3513 Temporary Listing for French Red and White Wines: Due to the significant short crop in 2021 through much of France we are expecting to see significant price increases and out of stocks of many of our premium French Wines from some key regions. Subsequently we are looking for products from specific regions Price/Bands for temporary listings for up to one year to help us stay ready of business and provide a robust assortment to our customers. The categories that we are looking for are as follows:

Sancerre/Pouilly-Fume below $40 (minimum allocation 700 cases)

Red Burgundy(Pinot Noir) below $30 (minimum allocation 800 cases)

White Burgundy (Chardonnay) below $40 (minimum allocation 400 cases)

Beaujolais below $18 (minimum allocation 1,000 cases)

We hope to begin shipping in late spring of 2022 to support sales through the rest of 2022 and into winter/Spring of 2023. Please include in the applications the total allocation of the product and note any possible shipping restrictions.

2513 Temporary Listing for French and White Wines

Price Band

$17.95 - $39.95 / 750 ml

Pre-Submission Deadline

April 14th

If you have questions please contact European Wines Senior Category Manager Paul Farrell at

Call 3513 Temporary Listing for French Red and White Wines