In the fall of 2021, we shared with you our plans to transfer our Head Office operations to the new facilities located at 100 Queens Quay East. We are excited to update you that the Quality Assurance Laboratory has started relocating to the new facility and the move is expected to be finalized in early March 2022.

During the relocation, the Quality Assurance Laboratory is maintaining continuity of its operations, proudly fulfilling the product testing needs that support  the LCBO Quality Assurance programs, as well as continuing to offer its analytical testing services to clients seeking independent analysis.

As an ISO 17025 accredited and ISO 9001 registered testing laboratory with an ongoing commitment to quality, we will ensure that all the analytical instrumentation, methods of analysis and set of operations will undergo a stringent validation process, to maintain the reliability of the analytical testing services and associated Quality Assurance operations in the new facility.

During this transition time, we do not anticipate any disruptions to our operations; should any unplanned developments arise, we will inform any impacted clients accordingly.

Mailing and Shipping Address

Effective immediately, the new mailing and shipping address for the LCBO Quality Assurance Laboratory is:

Attn: LCBO Quality Assurance

100 Queens Quay East – 6th floor

Toronto, Ontario

M5E 0C7

Email and telephone numbers will remain unchanged.

Shipping Product Samples for Testing

Effective February 18, 2022, clients using analytical testing services offered by the LCBO Quality Assurance laboratory (outside of the LCBO listing purposes), must deliver or ship product samples to the new location of the laboratory.

An updated LCBO Request for Analysis form (LCB 2269) has been posted on the Doing Business with LCBO website, HERE.

To assist in directing product samples to the appropriate LCBO receiving location, a standard label has been developed. A copy of this label may be found on Doing Business with LCBO website, HERE. Please use this label template for any samples that are to be shipped or delivered to the new 100 Queens Quay East address.

In-Person Product Samples Deliveries

Products should be packaged in adequate packaging, e.g. carton case, sufficient to protect the sample integrity while avoiding excessive packaging. Each case must be properly labelled using the new label template, to ensure proper routing of the samples to the LCBO Quality Assurance Laboratory.

External visitors are not able to deliver product samples directly to the QA Laboratory floor. Product being delivered by courier or in person will be accepted by our dockmaster partners PlusOne, Monday through Friday, between 9 AM and 3 PM.

Due to ongoing construction in the area, there are currently some temporary access restrictions in place; these restrictions are expected to be lifted mid to late 2022.

During this transition time, we will be temporarily accepting deliveries through a drop-off point on New Street, on the east side of the building adjacent to the parking garage entrance (refer to map below). Upon arrival, please call 416-881-4503 (phone number posted on the exterior door). A representative from our building delivery partners, PlusOne, will meet you outside and induct the sample for delivery to the LCBO Quality Assurance Laboratory. Any updates in the delivery instructions will be posted on the Doing Business with LCBO HERE.

Product samples required for LCBO listing purposes should continue to follow the instructions posted by the Merchandising team.

Thank you for your continued interest in our LCBO analytical testing services. We look forward to continuing to serve your testing needs from the new laboratory location. If you have any questions, or require support during this transition, please reach us at AskQA, or 416-864-6724.

A map indicating the new sample drop-off area at the new LCBO head office