Clients interested in using analytical testing services offered by the LCBO Quality Assurance laboratory outside of the LCBO listing purposes, must use the LCBO Request for Laboratory Analysis (LCB 2269) form


LCB 2269 Request for Laboratory Analysis


Depending on your testing needs, you may select any of the standard Analytical Testing Packages available at this time, or any combination of Analytical Testing Services.  The form includes instructions for payment and shipment of samples.

The LCBO Quality Assurance Laboratory is committed to impartiality and confidentiality of all information provided by the client and generated by the laboratory for the client, including testing results. The results obtained from a private client analysis cannot be used for LCBO purposes. Contact the appropriate LCBO business unit if you are interested in submitting samples for LCBO listing purposes.

Canadian Samples Submission

When submitting samples for analytical testing, please ensure that the submission includes:

  • - Sample that meets the volume and container requirements. The minimum volume requirement for a standard analysis is 500 mL per sample, but a sample size of 750 mL is desirable where possible.
  • - Completed LCBO Request for Laboratory Analysis Form (LCB 2269) above
  • - Proof of payment, as described on the request form LCB 2269


If samples are shipped within Canada, please use the mailing address included in the request form LCB 2269, or the address below:

LCBO Quality Assurance Laboratory
43 Freeland Street, 3rd Floor
Toronto, Ontario, M5E 1L7

International Samples Submission

International shipments must include a completed Canada Customs Invoice (CI1form). To ensure timely processing of the customs clearance, it is important that the Invoice form is completed accurately and in full. Contact Quality Assurance at AskQA for additional support, including important shipping details.

For more information on pricing and current turnaround time, please contact us at AskQA.