As previously communicated on March 31, 2023, LCBO introduced the first phase of its Vendor Performance Program.  This program is being rolled out through a phased approach supporting continuous improvement and allowing time for questions along the way.

  1. Phase 1: Order Confirmation (effective April 1, 2023) – You may recall, we started sharing KPI results last fiscal and from April 1, 2023, vendors must confirm receipt of a PO through the LCBO Web PO System within two (2) Business Days of LCBO’s issuance of the PO. Failure to meet this requirement will incur a $50 charge for each non-compliant PO. Thank you to all vendors working hard to meet the new standard.
  2. Phase 2: On Time In-Full (OTIF) – The OTIF calculation measures if the order was Ready to Ship on Time and Received in Full. Starting June 18, 2023 (beginning of Period 4), we will start tracking this KPI, and at the end of the period the results will be included on the Vendor Performance Period emails. Please note, there are no new non-compliance fees at this time.

​Visit the Vendor Performance Program on the Doing Business with LCBO website for more information, including Frequently Asked Questions, on this phase of the program.

Thank you for working with us on this important initiative. Together, we can deliver high standards of performance to ensure our customers get the products they want, when they want them. 

Nick Nanos
Chief Supply Chain Officer, Senior Vice President – Supply Chain & Wholesale, LCBO